Which Hindu Idol is good for car dashboard?

Having a Hindu god idol in your car is to maintain calmness, serenity and always exude positive energy. Idols work as shields to block negative forces and never let bad energies to distract your goal and distraction.

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You can go for a Lakshmi Ganesh Car Dashboard Idol. It can be a good choice to bless your new car. Placing this idol on the car dashboard can keep every evil energy miles always from you and your family and whenever you are on your journey.

Lord Ganesha is very popular for car dashboards. It is believed that Ganesha keeps away the bad energies and negativeness.  And brings in good luck in life. By placing a Ganesh idol, you keep yourself closer to the aura and blessings of the Lord. You make your journey safe and auspicious. Ganesha represents the supreme power to remove all obstacles and hindrances and to ensure success. He should be worshiped before starting any task. His name should be chanted prior to undertaking any of the vital ventures of life. Hence, worship him in every step of your life including your car journey.

Whilst buying a new car is a big decision for you, bringing a car home, buying a car dashboard idol and arranging for a puja to bless your vehicle are all important factors. Astrology is one of the most vital points to consider when it is all about buying something religious for your home or your new car. The right one can be a blessing but the wrong one can be a curse.  Astrology gives you a complete analysis. When you take your car to a temple for the puja, the pandit checks the muhurat, then collects the samagris, and conducts a puja.