Bhagwat Katha / Saptah

I specialise in Bhagwat Katha and am well versed in reciting Shiva Puran, Ganesh Puran, Devi Bhagwat. … Read More

Hindu Wedding

I provide traditional Hindu wedding service tailored to your personal requirements with all vidhis, mantras & Satisfaction…. Read More


I cover all aspects of the Hindu wedding ceremony and can perform Ganesh Pooja, Grah Shaanti (Saatak) and Mandvo…. Read More

Katha and Havans

Satyanarayan Katha from the Skhandh Puran where the Lord Vishnu has given the benediction that who ever performs this Satay vrat pooja… Read More

Jyotish and Janam Kundli

No one can change their stars but can get solutions to lessen up the worst effects. I provide personalised Horoscope Chart Kundali.. Read More

Hindu Funerals

Although death is a sad occasion, we believe in reincarnation and see death as a transition bringing the soul closer to nirvana… Read more