Hindu Funerals

Hinduism teaches that even if the bodies die, atman or the individual soul, doesn’t have a beginning or end. When a death occurs they may pass into another reincarnation, which depends on the karma, or consequences of one’s actions, reaped from the life that just ended, and as the previous lives before that.

If though many lifetimes, the deceased has realized the true nature of reality, the individuality of the soul will be lost upon death and it will become on with Brahman, the One, All ­Encompassing soul.

Hindu funeral rites may generally be divided into four stages

  • The rituals and rites to be performed when the person is believed to be on the death bed.
  • Rites which accompany the cremation of the dead body.
  • Rites which enable the soul of the dead to transit successfully from the stage of a ghost (preta) to the realm of the ancestors, the Pitrs.
  • Rites performed in honor of the Pitrs.

Although death is a sad occasion, we believe in reincarnation and see death as a transition bringing the soul closer to nirvana (heaven). I provide a compassionate religious service covering all aspects of Hindu funeral rites.